Acceptable Art Works

Acceptable Works:

Open to 2D works only. Paintings, photographs, multi-media and digital works will be accepted. All work entered is to be produced after January 1, 2020. 

No. of Works:

The Artist may submit any number of works for consideration for acceptance into the Show, each submission attracting a Registration/ Entry fee as shown under the Fees and Commissions Section.  The Organisers, whose decision is final, will accept up to five (5) works from any one artist.

Size of Paintings and Photographs:

Submitted work must not exceed one and a half (1.5) metres on any one side of the painting (including framing, if any). Maximum weight is 20kgs. This will be strictly adhered to as there is limited hanging space. 


Hanging works must be soundly framed, dry and ready for hanging with a taut crosswire one-third from the top.


All works must be clearly labelled on the back or underside with the artist’s name, title of work and the catalogue price clearly discernible.